The Essence of AUM (Paperback)

By K.A. Francis

This book deals with the primal sound ‘AUM’ and epitomises what the Upanishads and the great seers have spoken about it. The author proves, with illustrations, that the genesis of creation (the manifest world) lies in AUM. The principle and form of AUM is at once hidden and distinct in nature. Only a realised soul can perceive it. Sree Maha Ganapathi, representing the form of AUM, has been derived logically with illustrations. The author states that AUM is the mother of all religious emblems. The book also evokes the close relationship between sound and form.

An author of several books, Francis is Editor-in-Charge of the Malayala Manorama Weekly, India’s largest popular weekly. A specialist in Tantric painting, Francis also won a Gold Medal for Landscape Painting from the Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy in 2000.

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