Zoroaster to Sathya Sai: Miracles of Mankind's Great Saviours (Paperback)

By M.N. Das

Are the reported miracles of the prophets and saints of the past ages untrue or true? If untrue, the faiths and religions of mankind rest on shaky foundations; if true, the sceptics cannot deny the truth of the supernatural powers. A meticulously researched work, the book provides an insight into the lives of the saviours of mankind, and perspective of the Sathya Sai divinity of the present age.

Prof. M.N. Das is a former Vice-Chancellor, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar. Dr. Das is a renowned historian and visited throughout the world attended number of seminars, and conferences and lectured in various universities of India and abroad. Dr. Das has published number of reputed books on history, contributed widely in journals of repute and edited number of books both in English and Oriya. Dr. Das has published hundreds of research papers in reputed journals of India and abroad and contributed articles in Encyclopaedia Britannica and Groller Encyclopaedia. Dr. Das edited the Centenary History of the Indian National Congress Vol. III which was released on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of Indian National Congress in Bombay.

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