Untwine the Wind (Hardcover)

By Renée Ranchan

Untwine the Wind makes for an unusual reading, and therefore calls for a perceptive response. The Wind is not an abstraction in the poems but a vibrant being, which caresses petals, awakens mystical empathy, rattles windows, blows off roofs and frightens the ego. It is Lorca's denude, which never behaves the same way. It is lawless power, self-willed and untameable. The imagery, contemporary and surreal succeeds in capturing problematic emotive syndromes and states. Untwine the Wind beats a new rhythm of clipped condensed resonance which reverberates and reprocesses so very uniquely.

Renée Ranchan’s exposure to the West and the East has enriched her creative sensibility. Having lived for many years in the West, followed by frequent visits to America and Europe, she has imbibed a cross-cultural vision which imparts complexity and intricacy to her perspective on contemporary culture. Coming from a family rooted in academics, Renée has absorbed literary sensitivity and delicacy of emotion for the appreciation of art. From early on, having an eye for colour and contour, texture and technique, her personal engagement innately has been with visuals, painting and the history of art. In addition, Renée over a long stretch of time has been a columnist and feature writer for various national dailies and magazines.

“The mundane becomes meaningful in these thoughtful and carefully worded poems. Succinct, free of excessive verbiage, they reveal the inner life of the poet. Succinct, free of excessive verbiage, they reveal the inner life of the poet. There's tenderness too, in poems such as Baby Breaths and Paradise Discovered. And in others, disenchantments with a world gone awry.” Ruskin Bond

“Renée Ranchan’s book comes from the mind of a perceptive observer and speaks to you in a series of images glowing in different colours.” Dr. Karan Singh

“Renée Ranchan’s Untwine the Wind is a varied collection of 103 poems. A wonderful work, full of depth and understanding, sad in some cases but beautifully crafted, reflecting nature and life as it is. This book is a painting in words...” Maharaja Amrinder Singh

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