Glimpses of Kerala Culture

By Princess Aswathi Tirunal Gouri Lakshmi Bayi

Glimpses of Kerala Culture offers an impressive and highly readable introduction to the various art forms of rich and ancient culture of Kerala. The book gives profound and erudite insights into the four defined purposes of Hindu life, the origins and nature of dance forms of Kerala and martial arts. It provides a wealth of information while delineating various art forms and other cultural aspects.

Princess Aswathi Tirunal Gouri Lakshmi Bayi, known for learning and scholarship, authored several publications and presented erudite papers at national and international conferences. Her poems and articles have appeared in leading newspapers and journals in India and abroad. She is the recipient of several awards and honours which include Sree Sarada Education Society Merit Award, Vijayadasami Puraskaram, C.G. Nair Sahitya Puraskaram, Sahitya Pancharan Puraskaram, Ansha Samskara Deepika Puraskar, Kala Poshak and Deva Ratna Award.

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