Einstein: The Buddha Vol. I (Hardcover)

By Osho

The known and the unknowable, the physical and the spiritual, West and East, science and spiritualism are opposite and contradictory. One cannot be denied for the other. Ignoring one for the other causes imbalance, as both are an essential part of our lives. Osho, the Enlightened Master, explains these two dimensions of the Scientist and the Seeker and resolves this contradiction to create a harmony so that one can then progress in both these dimensions. In these two volumes, Osho answers questions from his disciples on this central issue and shows the new way forward for the new century.

Since the beginning of time, no other mystic except Osho has spoken so extensively, so deeply and so beautifully on most of the scriptures and spiritual masters. He spans both the West and the East with equal ease and unlimited depth. Osho has spoken extensively on Greek, Christian, Sufi, Hindu, Zoraster, Tao and Zen masters and paths with equal brilliance and deep spiritual bonding.

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