Making of a Diplomat: Hone Your Skills (Hardcover)

By Prem K Budhwar

Diplomats are often considered a clan that begins its mornings with English breakfast and ends its day with lavish cocktail dinners. The book dispels this myth and reveals that a diplomat’s journey is a tightrope walk in the realms of international and intra-national issues and is a one-stop guide for anyone keen on peeping into the much talked about “envious” life of a diplomat. The author has used his vast experience to lace the text with very practical yet not-so-obvious list of dos and don’ts. Covering a wide range of topics, intriguing and interesting, it is a must read both for aspiring diplomats as well as globe-trotters who would find many useful tips on life and living abroad. Veteran diplomats should not skip a read either since it would help them revive and relive cherished moments during their professional lives.

After joining the Indian Foreign Service in 1962, the author in over three and a half decades of his diplomatic career, half of it in the Ambassadorial rank, served in important positions both at home and abroad. He retired after serving for five years as India’s High Commissioner to Canada. Since retirement he and his wife divide their time between Delhi and their cottage in the Kumaon hills pursuing various interests including writing. Both are published authors. This is Prem Budhwar’s fifth book within the last decade.

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