Kundan Jewellery (Hardcover)

By Parag K. Vyas

Jewellery has universal appeal. An omnipresent device of ornamentation, it has made its presence felt across time and space. Kundan is the most famous Indian style of jewellery. It has made a comeback in a new avatar and is constantly being experimented with.

Practitioners and connoisseurs of jewellery often encounter a paradoxical situation, seeking useful information which they know is there but is not available in public domain. This book focuses on this sore spot and casts light on those hidden dimensions revealing its beauty and intricacies. It takes a methodical approach to design neckpieces where virtually limitless designs can be created by changing a few key parameters. Progression from semantic units to the complete articles can be followed in a step by step, simple to understand manner.

Not only does this document contains a systematic catalogue of various forms used in jewellery but also propounds interesting ways to create new forms from the existing designs. Richly illustrated and replete with photographs, it illuminates the subject from a technical and practical point of view.

This authoritative work is useful for scholars, practitioners and designers alike. Body of this work starts with identification of smallest semantic units, structural details of kundan and progresses to formation of form clusters.

Parag K. Vyas is an authority in the domain of design with specialty in jewellery design and technology. His doctoral thesis is investigating the preferential likeness of Indian women in diverse client profiles. This monograph gives a named list of various basic shapes used in kundan jewellery. A result of vast research spread over a large geographic area it contains rich illustrations and artworks for reference.

His pioneering work in jewellery design and forms follows a systematic progression revealing how to create attractive forms that can be used in a variety of ways for jewellery. His seminal work has resulted in papers that are published in international journals known for their scientific and scholarly standards.

His works are appreciated by industry and academia alike. A shy and retiring person, he lives and works from central India, where he has his fine jewellery workshop and training facility.

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