Ambedkar Writes: Volume I-II (Hardcover)

By Narendra Jadhav

A statesman and a leader of the masses, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar always also remained a reflective thinker, erudite scholar and a prolific writer. Even while being fully engrossed in mass movements and political upheavals, he wrote remarkable treatises on Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, Law, Religion and Culture which is the mark of a true intellectual. Perhaps no other mass leader in India has produced anywhere even close to the voluminous writings that Dr Ambedkar has. What is simply unbelievable is that he produced these magnificent books while being fully engaged in politics and in drafting the Constitution of India!

A follow up to the three-volume set, Ambedkar Speaks, these two volumes present, for the first time, all of Dr Ambedkar’s (completed) English writings, in a summary form: Volume I covers all his Political Writings and Volume II his Scholarly Writings (Economics, Sociology, Anthropology and Religion). In addition to his writings, seven landmark speeches especially on Politics and Law and Constitution have also been included. This has been done for the sake of an all-round understanding of the thought process of Dr Ambedkar. For each contribution, typically, first the overall context is stated followed by a short summary for lay-persons and then comes a fuller summary of the works for more ambitious readers.

Narendra Jadhav is a well-known economist, policy maker, educationist, social scientist and bestselling author. He holds a PhD in Economics from Indiana University, USA. Narendra Jadhav is currently serving as Member, Planning Commission (rank and status of Union Minister of State) with responsibilities covering Education, Labour- Employment-Skill Development, Social Justice and Empowerment. In addition, he has also been serving as a Member, National Advisory Council (NAC) chaired by Smt Sonia Gandhi.

Dr Narendra Jadhav has written or edited 30 books including 12 books on Dr Ambedkar—six each in English (Konark Publishers, New Delhi, 2013) and Marathi (Granthali, 2012–13)—comprising of an intellectual biography, speeches (3 Volumes each) and writings (2 Volumes each), a trilogy on Rabindranath Tagore (Granthali, 2011), Re-emerging India (ICFAI University Press, 2006), Monetary Policy: Financial Stability and Central Banking in India (Macmillan, India, 2006), Untouchables (Simon and Schuster, USA, 2005), Outcaste A Memoir (Penguin, India, 2003), and Monetary Economics for India (Macmillan, India, 1993). In addition, he has authored 30 major official Reports, contributed around 200 research papers in professional journals and delivered numerous lectures in national and international fora.

A celebrated public figure, Dr Jadhav is recipient of as many as 63 national and international awards for his contribution to the fields of economics, education, literature, culture and social work. These include four Honorary D. Lit Degrees and the title of the Commander of the Order of Academic Palmes by the Government of France.

For details, visit his official website . Dr Jadhav is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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