Human Trafficking

By Dr.P.M. Nair

This book is a comprehensive and veritable disquisition on human trafficking, loathsome disaster inflicted on human beings by human beings. It is an empowering treatise, prescribing practical and doable programmes and methods in addressing the issues and redressing the grievances. The indicators of measurement and parameters of assessment have been scientifically developed. It is a panoply of the issues, dimensions, problems, manifestations and extent of human trafficking, coupled with the best methods of addressing and redressing them. Undoubtedly, this book will be a reference tool fit for NGOs, practioners encyclopedia for the Law Enforcement Officials, Jurists, and other professionals, a guide book for students, a compendium for academics and, as the book rightly brings out, a treasure for all of us who are concerned with human dignity.

Dr. P.M. Nair (MA, Sociology, LLB, Ph.D, Victimology), is a career police officer with the IPS since 1978. He served Bihar for more than 15 years in various capacities from SP to IG and the CBI for a decade as SP and DIG. A graduate of the FBI National Academy, USA and the National Defence College, New Delhi, Dr. Nair has handled several crimes including Rajiv Gandhi assassination, International Arms drop at Purulia, Sanjay Ghose abduction, terrorist crimes, human rights violations and many interstate and international organized crimes, including human trafficking. Dr. Nair served the National Human Rights Commission as its Nodal Officer, Anti-Human Trafficking. He was the principal researcher-investigator-author of Action Research on Trafficking in Women and Children in India (Orient Longman, 2005). During his stint at the UN as Project Coordinator, Anti-Human Trafficking with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), New Delhi, Dr. Nair carried out training of more than 11,000 police officials and prosecutors across India and set up nine Anti-Human Trafficking Units. Dr. P.M. Nair’s Hand Book on addressing sex trafficking is one of the best circulated, translated and appreciated resource material in India. He is currently serving the Central Reserve Police Force. He can be contacted at

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