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Konark International

Konark International, an associate of Konark Publishers India, is an independent company dealing with all aspects of publishing. Besides publishing in India original reprints and representing U.S authors and publishers in India, Konark International also provides full service e-book conversion and distribution to publishers in the South-East Asia market. In all aspects of our work, we provide the much needed bridge between South-East Asia and the U.S.

With a legacy dating back to nearly three decades in publishing in India, Konark Publishers India has built a formidable reputation in the industry for quality publishing and aggregation of a considerable intellectual capital. We have also built a redoubtable network of authors, widely-recognized editors, award-winning designers, photo artists, layout artists, proof-readers, printers and distributors. Konark International will leverage these capacities, goodwill and readily available resources to offer considerable cost arbitrage and efficiencies in the publishing process.

Konark International welcomes you to world of ideas and papyrus.

Konark Publishers International
Mail: 8615 13th Ave SW, Seattle Wa, 98106
Email: us@konarkpublishers.com