2050: A Glimpse into the Future (Revised Edition) (Hardcover)

By Amardeep S. Dahiya

People have always wanted to know about the future but in today's world this need has acquired urgency and an importance, and become almost an exigent necessity. Thanks to the exponentially accelerating technologies the future seems to be becoming increasingly incomprehensible and unsettling for an average citizen.

There are scores of worries encapsulating the diverse spectrum of nationalities, religions, economics and moral and ethical values about the emerging scenario in the 21st century vis-a-vis the environment, climate, disease, the economy, crime, terrorism, politics….

2050: A Glimpse into the Future is a book about the fast paced and drastic transformation of our lives in this century. It outlines and captures our future and the kind of world that we will be living in, come 2050. It illustrates our concerns with regard to macro aspects — the environment, globalization, science and technology, business and economy — as well as micro ones like the cars we will be driving, the homes we will be living in, the food we will be eating, the clothes we will be wearing, the various jobs we will have to choose from, the myriad leisure and entertainment options available for us and also the diseases and dilemmas that we will have to contend with. Based on extensive research, future trends and history, it sketches a vivid picture of our future existence in various chapters, for example The 2050 Computers, Magical Home, Water Wars, The Miraculous Technologies, 10th Generation Internet, The End of Marriage, Intelligent Clothes, An Oil-less World, Education 2050, Futuristic Transportation, Complicated Foods, Enlightened Cars… Each one more gripping than the last

Amardeep S. Dahiya published his first book Four Fingers and Seventeen Nails, a collection of short stories in 2005. The book went on to become a bestseller, winning critical accolades. Amardeep has finished another novel The Desert Hotel, and a collection of poems Hallow Whispers. He is presently working on a book tentatively titled The Haryana Paradox. For more information on the author, check out his website

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