Nursing Abroad: The World at Your Doorstep (Paperback)

By R. Balachandran

This book provides basic information and guidance to all working Nurses, as well as those preparing for a career in nursing, across the world and who dream of working and setting in one of the developed countries of the world. Nursing Abroad provides an easy reference and shows the various routes to the different countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The book attempts to clear some of the doubts and misconceptions aspiring nurses may have while chasing the dream of working in developed economies.

An experienced senior management professional, R. Balachandran has worked in India and USA in varied sectors and different responsibilities. His US stint of over six years included working with healthcare firms and institutions on the sourcing of nurses from countries like India, Philippines, UK, Africa and the Middle East. A postgraduate in Economics and journalism, Balachandran has been writing columns in magazines on topics such as careers, and personal enrichment. He is a popular motivational speaker and an active member of various business, social and cultural organizations.

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