The Collected Works of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Volume X (1 January 1943-31 December 1946) (Hardcover)

By Dr. P.N. Chopra & Prabha Chopra

Volume X (January 1943-December 1946) had Sardar Patel under detention in Ahmednagar Fort till his release in June 1945. While in jail, he stressed the need for national unity for which, he said, he would fight “till the end of my life”. He stood for complete prohibition in the country as it was forbidden by religions of Hindus and Muslims alike and deplored the condition of widows in Hindu society which he called as “tragic”.

"P.N. Chopra has been the Editor of the Indian Gazetteers, and Chief Editor of Who’s Who of Indian Martyrs in the Ministry of Education and Chief Editor of the Towards Freedom Project. He has to his credit over forty authoritative works dealing with Indian history and culture, particularly the history of India’s freedom struggle. The Editor, Prabha Chopra is a well-known scholar with over a dozen authoritative works to her credit."

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