The Collected Works of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Volume XII (1 January 1947-31 December 1947) (Hardcover)

By P.N. Chopra (ed.)

These volumes on Vallabhbhai Patel compiled from various journals and periodicals trace Patel’s life from 1918, when he made his debut in politics and came into close contact with Mahatma Gandhi. An advisory committee comprising Shri Nijalingappa as Chairman, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers and statesmen of various states and Dr P.N. Chopra, an eminent historian as Chief Editor, have supervised the compilation of these volumes.

P.N. Chopra is one of India’s best known historians. Presently, Chief Editor of the Collected Works of Sardar Patel, he was formerly Chief Editor of the Gazetteers in the Ministry of Education, as well as the Chief Editor of Who’s Who of Indian Martyrs and Chief Editor of Towards Freedom, Project of the Indian Council of Historical Research. In addition, he has written and edited over forty authoritative seminal works on Indian history and culture.