Healthcare Communications and Services for Mother and Child (Hard Cover)

By Satyajeet Nanda

While communication components reflect the demand side of existing health care, the service components represent the supply side of the same. In spite of the fact that communication and service share a proportional relationship, the actual mechanism behind the process is hardly understood in its totality. This book endeavours to disentangle the complex web of the supply-demand framework involving communication and service and management components of health care with special focus on the mother and child. It has looked at the effects on mother and child particularly when there is a resource crunch, where services are not easily available due to poor access to service centres, unavailability of well equipped/trained service providers and a host of other reasons.

Added to these factors are the cross-cultural (communication) gaps in the form of culture-induced hesitations like the collective shyness of women to visit male gynaecs that contribute towards the greater 'culture of poverty'. As this book provides a holistic picture of mother and child health in India across communication, management and service aspects, it is useful for a large number of readers, users and stakeholders. It not only provides a conceptual framework for systems related studies but also warrants researchers and program managers to conduct further disaggregate investigations at micro and macro level; and helps policy makers, program managers and community level workers to design and implement focussed interventions.

Dr. Satyajeet Nanda is Associate Professor and Head, Department of CSC (Communication for Social Change) in Mudra Institute of Communication Research (MICAMICORE), Ahmedabad. He obtained his Ph.D. from the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai with specialization in Reproductive Health and M. Phil. in Anthropology and Tribal Development. With 17 years of research experience, he has served at senior academic, research and program management levels with reputed institutions/organizations like the UNICEF, GIDR, CSD, SIT in different states of India Over the years, he has worked and written extensively on a range of health issues such as RCH, HIV AIDS, TB, Health Systems and Service Utilization, Mother and Child Health, Demographic Transition, Population Projection, Health and Lifestyle Communication, ARSH (Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual health), Gender, Media, Water and Sanitation, Malnutrition; and development issues such as Tribal Development, Migration, Literacy, Ethnography, Displacement and Rehabilitation, SEZ, Village Development Plan for organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, DFID, DANIDA, McArthur Foundation, SEWA, Ford Foundation, Government of India, governments of Orissa and Karnataka, World Bank, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, AusAID, SIDA, GFATM, ICHAP, Future Group, Population Council and RITES. Dr Nanda has more than a dozen publications in journals and two authored books and international and national conference presentations to his credit. Besides teaching post-graduate students, he formally guides PhD scholars under the VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University) and MICA. The areas of his teaching and research interests are theoretical studies on HIV AIDS, Health Communication for Social Change, Lifestyle Communication, Environment and Education, Social Research Methodology and HRM (Human Resource Management). He can be contacted at

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