The Sandalwood Door (Hardcover)

By M.K. Kaw

This is poetry with a difference. There is no attempt here at being needlessly esoteric. The poems do not seek to convert the reader to an ideology. Nor does the author try his hand at soft porn, with intent to scandalize. Each poem is a slice of life. Life seen by an individual, who is as mystified, confused, curious and hopeful as anyone else. Who looks at events, people, situations, nature and tries to record the emotions they evoke with a delicate blend of irony and lyricism. In a limpid style. With no preconceived notions. Only to take you on a journey with himself, into his own self.

M.K. KAW has been writing in English and Hindi. His earlier collections of English poetry are: An Oasis of Solitude, Look Closely at Om and Kusha Grass. He has also written Kehna Aaasaan Hai (collection of Poems), Ikshvaku Se (long poem), Aasman Nahi Girte (novel) and Snowman (collection of short stories) in Hindi. The Science of Spirituality was an attempt to enunciate a universally acceptable hypothesis on the ultimate mystery.

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