History of Ancient India: Pre-historic Age To 1200 AD (Paperback)

By Sharma L P

The present edition has been thoroughly revised, updated and substantially enlarged in view of the latest research in the field. Besides, new additions have also been incorporated at several relevant places, e.g., study of pre-Harappa civilization and post-Harappa civilizations; new opinions concerning the Vedic age; social and economic background of religious movements of the 6th century; detailed description of the Vakatakas; tripartite contest for the suzerainty of Kannauj; and study of economic and social conditions of the Rajput age. History of Ancient India covers the period between pre-historic age to 1200 A.D. in a simple and lucid manner. While preparing the book, the latest works of reputed historians and other standard works in the field have been consulted. Some ideal questions, given chapter-wise at the end of the book, will be most useful to the students for the examination point of view. Further readings at the end of each chapter and Bibliography at the end of the book have been given to make the book more authentic and useful for the students. As a special feature, the book also includes maps of famous emperors showing the territory of their empires at relevant places. The book is primarily meant for the B.A. (Pass and Hons.) students and will be equally useful for postgraduate students of history of various universities. It will also be useful for the general readers and for those preparing for the competitive examinations.

L.P. Sharma has taught history for over three decades and was Reader in the Department of History, Shivaji College, and University of Delhi.

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