Ward Management and Teaching (Paperback)

By Jean Barrett

This book is designed primarily as a text for nurses who are preparing themselves for the position of hospital head nurses. It will also be of help to nurses who are at present occupying position as head nurses, in solving specific problems and helping them realize the scope of the head nurses responsibilities. The problems at the end of each chapter are based on the assumption that field work will accompany the classroom study of principles and techniques. Both ward teaching and educational aspects of each administrative function of the head nurse has been given equal importance. The rich rewarding experience of teaching the principles and practice of ward management and teaching to graduate and undergraduate students has provided the material for the book. New practices and methods in hospitals have also been incorporated in the book. The book has been broadly divided into five parts – the position of head nurse, the responsibility of head nurse for patient care, and ward management, educational responsibilities, and professional responsibilities.

Prof. Jean Barrett is presently Professor of Nursing Education and Director, Department of Nursing Education, Syracuse University School of Nursing. She has been teaching the Principles and practice of ward management to both undergraduate and graduate classes for more than two decades. Prof. Barrett was formerly Associate Professor of Nursing Arts, Yale University School of Nursing.

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