Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and Ward Administration (Hardcover)

By Dr. David Anthony Pinto & Dr. Marina Rita Pinto

This book is a scholarly critique of local self government focusing on Mumbai, India's urban prima. The story of the evolution of civic administration in the city since 1872 gives the much needed backdrop to comprehend the intricacies of running the mega city. With the authors deep Insight into civic governance right from the grassroots level and the academic inputs to substantiate the systems and concepts, make the book invaluable to researchers, students of public administration, other local self government bodies and institutions, trade and industry and of course to the general public. Systems of civic governance, exhaustive rules, regulations and notifications are all detailed and explained in the book with clarity and authenticity. How the MCGM raises its own resources to maintain efficient Water supply, public health services or sewer system, run schools, hospitals and medical colleges, look after markets and parks, dispose of solid wastes are all explained with illustrations. The book in fact has not left any aspect of civic administration untouched.

Dr. David Anthony Pinto, joined MCGM in a relatively junior capacity and retired as Deputy Municipal Commissioner During 37 years of distinguished service, Dr. Pinto worked in various capacities including as Secretary to a long line of Mayors and Municipal Commissioner and as Senior Ward Officer. Reputed to be a tough administrator, Dr. Pinto earned the goodwill of one and all for his dogged perseverance to readdress people’s grievances and solving major civic problems. While in service Dr. Pinto pursued his master’s degrees in Political Science and law. His doctoral dissertation The Mayor, the Commissioner and the Metropolitan Administration is prescribed by his alma mater the University of Bombay as a reference book for postgraduate students. Married to Annie, Dr. Pinto is a recipient of many Awards.

With a brilliant Academic record-first position in B.A. and M.A. in Political Science of the University of Bombay, Dr. Marina Rita Pinto, Wife of the late Evarist retired as Professor of Public Administration from Bombay University. As a scholar Dr. Pinto’s Research includes Higher Education Urban Development, Administration and City Governance. Her erudite papers have been presented both at national and international forums. Dr. Pinto’s Books include Federalism and Higher Education: The Indian Experience and Metropolitan City Governance in India. She has been the recipient of several prizes and scholarship of the University of Mumbai and the Haldane Essay. Competition Prize of the Royal Institute of Public Administration London.

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