Between You and Me: Meditation Made Simple (Paperback)

By Shri Nimishananda

“My friend, this book is all just YOU…your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas, your normal behavior patterns…your love, your prosperity, your popularity and your success. My effort is only to induct you from your own way of life to your Soul’s way of life - to make you live happily, comfortably, peacefully and blissfully ever after,” says His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda. So, this is not just a book. It is the very manual of our life. That is why, as we read we repeatedly feel – “This has been written just for me!”

Whatever be our religion, country, profession or age, this book is for us. The generic techniques imparted here transform our personality and establish us in permanent bliss and prosperity. As the informal, friendly and intimate title Between You and Me: Meditation Made Simple suggests, His Holiness establishes a warm and enduring rapport with us. Letting us set our pace, He guides us gently and lovingly, one step at a time, on the enlightening meditative journey to the Self. So, dear friend, we welcome you to begin this most joyful and empowering journey with His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda, the Enlightened Master who will walk with you every step of the way as your benevolent Guide, Mentor and Friend.

Why should we meditate? Our every activity is powered by the Soul. Without our Soul, the body becomes a corpse incapable of action. Meditating replenishes us with Soul energy making everything we do effortless and successful. Our life becomes friction less and blissful, says His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda, an Enlightened Master guiding spiritual seekers the world over. Writing from the depths of mystical realization reinforced with an engineering background, He presents timeless techniques with immense practicality. Packed with a transformative punch, His books trigger an implosion of bliss, peace and prosperity in us.

Besides establishing ashrams in India, Malaysia, Canada and USA. His Holiness has also founded SPCT or Shree Public Charitable Trust. Registered with the United Nations, SPCT is working relentlessly to actualize Shri Nimishananda's humanitarian mission of Wipe A Tear, Remove A Pain in education, healthcare, social welfare and eco-management. A charismatic orator, His Holiness reaches out to all age groups and backgrounds and is much sought after by prestigious forums in India and abroad. He has been featured on Aastha, Zee Kannada and many national and international TV channels. His popular empowering programs are BLISS - Be Living In Spiritual State , HAPPY - Heightened Awareness Personality Powering Yoga and Living In Meditation .

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