Ambedkar Speaks: Volume I-III (Hardcover)

By Narendra Jadhav

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar was a national leader. It is grossly unfair to characterize him simply as a leader of Dalits. Ambedkar's erudition, mass movements, role in the Government and outside clearly demonstrate his broader vision of building a democratic Republic through creation of social equality and cultural integration in the age-old caste-ridden, inherently unjust and discriminating society. As a nationalist and valiant champion of human rights, his speeches reflect his life-long dedication to awaken the social conscience of modern India.

This trilogy is the first ever attempt at a systematic study of all speeches attributed to Dr Ambedkar. In all, as many as 537 speeches have been identified (and presented in a Complete Bibliography). Of these, 500 speeches have been reviewed and analysed, relating them to landmark developments in the country on one hand, and the ups and downs in the course of Dr Ambedkar's most eventful public life on the other.

A comprehensive collection, these three volumes contain 301 Seminal Speeches (translated into English where necessary) presented with succinct contextualization. The selected speeches have been divided into seven categories: Autobiographical, Social and Guidance to Followers (Volume I), Economics, Religion and Law and Constitution (Volume II) and Political Speeches (Volume III), presented with a brief introduction for each category.

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