Risk Management: The New Accelerator (Hardcover)

By Yerram Raju & Narsimharao Venuturupalle

The shadow of global financial crises of 2007 is still cast on the developing economies. Banking environment ever since has changed with looming challenges in regard to customer expectations and regulatory rigour. Basel Committees have seen the upswing of regulatory mechanisms moving from capital to liquidity coverage and net stable funding ratios. All these and the competitive environment where the operating space is sliced between unequal players demand risk management as part of business development. Unless the financial institutions view risk management as essential part of their work culture at all levels including the Board of Management, rewards cannot flow. Risk appetite is the key to future profits of the financial institutions. Professional Risk Management Association (PRMIA) Hyderabad Chapter celebrating its 6th Anniversary in August 2012 arranged a conference to discuss the nuances of such efforts where the Governor, Reserve Bank of India addressed the inaugural session and seven Bank Chairpersons and CEOs paneled the discussions along with academicians. This book is a compilation of all the speeches which serves as essential reading for all those who are on the learning curve in the discipline of Risk Management to provide a new slant to the subject.

Dr Behara Yerram Raju, Regional Director, Professional Risk Managers International Association, Hyderabad Chapter is a banker-turned-economist with five decades of experience in banking, academics, research and consultancy in banking, financial risk management, MSME sector and Corporate Governance with 14 books, over 50 research papers and over 550 popular articles in the financial dailies and The Hindu. He served on a number of Working Groups and Committees of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India. He is Member of the RBI Expert Committee on Short Term Cooperative Credit Restructuring (2012) and has an abiding interest in cooperative banking and cooperative law. He formulated the first version of the SME Development Bill for the GoI in 2000 and Exit Policy for MSEs in Tamil Nadu for the Government of Tamil Nadu. He is Senior Fellow at the Institute of Small Enterprise Development, Kochi and Fellow, Skoch Development Foundation. He is also visiting Professor of Institute of Development Research in Banking Technology (RBI), Hyderabad.

Narsimharao Venuturupalle is a Business Consultant (Risk and Compliance) in Global Risk department at HSBC Technology Services (HTS), Hyderabad, India. His current responsibilities include business analysis, solutions design and consulting for HSBC Group Wholesale Credit Risk. He has over 17 years of experience in IT, majority of which is in banking and finance domain in techno-functional and leadership roles. Earlier, he worked with a top global IT firm on assignments for leading and global financial firms. His areas of interest include financial risk, information security risk and global markets. In addition, he actively contributes to risk training and CSR activities in HTS. He holds a Masters in Transportation Engineering from NIT, Warangal (formerly REC, Warangal) and, Professional Risk Manager (PRMR) and CISAR awarded by PRMIA and ISACA respectively. He is also Deputy Regional Director of PRMIA Hyderabad Chapter.

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