Stress to Serenity (Paperback)

By Amar Chandel

Stress is the scourge of the 21st country. Almost everyone has it. Victims blame it on the busy, competitive, cutthroat lifestyle but the blame actually lies somewhere else. The fact of the matter is that only about 20 per cent of it is caused by external factors. The other 80 per cent is the result of how we react to persons, places or situations. The key to moving from stress to serenity is observing and modifying one’s own thinking process and responses. Aided with beautiful illustrations, handy exercises, examples and case studies, the book shows you how.

Amar Singh Chandel, author of the best-selling self-help book Perfect Health in 20 Weeks, has been practising and teaching integral yoga, naturopathy, meditation and Holistic Healing for more than three decades. During this period, he has helped thousands of people get rid of their supposedly incurable diseases through lifestyle changes without the help of any medicine.
This book is the distillate of the advice he has been rendering to his students who face emotional issues like stress, depression or aggression. He is a firm believer that before going in for medical intervention, one should attempt to think oneself out of the blues. Almost all his students benefited from his sagely counselling and so can you.

"Stress to Serenity offers practical suggestions which can prove invaluable in the pursuit of happiness.
Dr Kiran Bedi, Indian Police Service (1972–2007) and Magsaysay awardee

"Refreshing approach that puts the reader onto immediate road to serenity, [and] is a must-read for the current generation."
Former Lt Gen Bhopinder Singh, PVSM, AVSM, Former Lt Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Puducherry

"A life-changing book for the reader!"
Puneet Sindhwani, Director, Renal Transplantation, Associated Professor Urologic Surgery, Chief, Section of Male Reproduction and Fertility, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Chief, Section of Urology, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Oklahoma City, OK

"Stress to Serenity should make a good bedside reading. I wish it also comes out in an audio form for those who are too ill to actually read it."
Dr Prashant Kaushik, MBBS, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY

"Stress to Serenity teaches you not to fritter away your energy in fretting and fuming. Instead, this life force must be channelized into strengthening one’s resolve to succeed.
Rajpal Singh, former Indian hockey captain

"[This book is] invaluable for anyone suffering from not only depression but also aggression."
Pawan Kapoor, Professional Tennis Player

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