Lord Krishna in The Boardroom (HB)

By His Divine Grace B.S. Tirtha Maharaja

From a nattily dressed senior executive of a major corporation in the Middle East, B.S. Tirtha Maharaja donned saffron robes after he read the Bhagavad Gita. From travelling the Gulf States to promote business, he now travels the world on a divine mission. He combines his corporate experience with his spiritual quest to create lessons for modern executives to manage their companies or their personal lives. To share his wisdom, especially with the youth, he has authored three books: Actually There’s No Problem, You Ask He Answers and In Quest of Real Love. All these have become bestsellers. Tirtha Maharaja established the Gaudiya Vaishnava Association in Navi Mumbai with branches in the UK, US, Australia, Africa and other countries. An engaging speaker, he is fluent in English and almost half a dozen Indian languages.

"Here was the ultimate management challenge. Managing over 8.2 million soldiers on the battlefield of Kurukshetra was a gigantic task. As a management consultant, the Supreme Lord Krishna successfully managed the army of the Pandavas against heavy odds. When the war strategy was discussed and formulated, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna led from the front on all issues and took decisions on a colossal scale of operations.

Mass production, research and development, warehousing and accounting, marketing and distribution were all carried out efficiently. Five thousand years on, these strategies and decisions and still valid as demonstrated in this book in light of modern management and corporate environment. The same principles apply to leading your personal life devoid of stress and tensions.

What would happen if the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna was present in boardroom today? With real life examples from current society, this book shows the way ahead, both for your business and personal life. "

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