Dewdrops: Fragrance of life Vol. III (Hardcover)

By Sujit Kumar Mukherjee

Dewdrops is an innovative and new form of short poems on any universal theme containing nature and humansim. These poems are written in free verse without an identity of the conventional poetic form. Dewdrops poems of Sujit Mukherjee are indeed dewdrops of his soul. Manifestations, grandeur, beauty, sublimity, divinity expressed in simple yet wonderful poetic expressions of these dewdrop poemss enlightens with delight.

"Sujit Mukherjee is a natural poet, author, a photographer and Culinary expert. he has widely travelled worldwide and is an erudite scholar, his writings chronicles his deep observation of nature, humanity, society and his own inner self. Most of his poems are highly nuanced, as it has many deep layers, like any great painting or piece of art. As a poet he delves in poetry in order to keep his sanity and balance of mind in the midst of his busy corporate profession. he is a business leader and a well respected Corporate Management expert. In India he was awarded coveted best poet of the year 2013. he has three books of poetry, which are highly acclaimed by the poets and critics worldwide. he is member of International Writers Association, IWA (uSA ). Due to universal appeal, few of his poems are translated in Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Chinese. twenty five of his poems are translated into Chinese by World renowned Asian poet from taiwan Dr. lee Kuei – Shien. renowned poetess from Greece Dr. Danae Papastratau described Mr. Mukherjee’s poems as “real human poetry and look like falling dews from cloud to the thirsty earth, and such pure poetry is rare to find these days” !

His book of poem is kept at different international libraries including the library of the Association vaudoise in Lausanne, Switzerland. ex-President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, who himself is a literary genius, and Dr. Karan Singh, most learned man and public figure in India, has endorsed his poems. he is invited to attend and read his poetry at the World Poetry Festival held in taipei (taiwan) from 1st Sept. to 9th September 2015. he is also member of the world association of poets called Poetasdelmundo which has 8000 poets as members from 120 countries. he is also member of united Poets Laureate International (uSA) and member of World Poets Society (WPS).

Sujit Mukherjee is a in Chemical engineering and Masters in Business Administration. In a career spanning over 40 years he has worked in leadership positions in the corporate sector and managed global operations. In connection with his work and hobbies, he has travelled to over 70 countries in the world."

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