Times by the Thames: An Indian Cruise (Hardcover)

By Vijay Dutt

The book covers various facets of life and times in contemporary England, its democracy, politics and Parliament, media which is a powerful watchdog, an endearing monarchy co-existing with democracy, its unique social diversity, multiculturalism, concomitant with racism. There is a thought-provoking commentary on politics and racism and the recent phenomenon of political correctness.The book takes the reader on an exciting cruise providing glimpses of the Britain of the English and the Britain of Indians.

Vijay Dutt, with his over 30 years of journalistic experience and being witness to political manoeveres in India and international diplomacy while at the United Nations as part of the Indian delegation to the General Assembly, got an unprecedented opportunity during his long posting in London to get a ring side view of parliamentary democracy in practice, politics, media ethics, monarchy and diplomacy at the highest levels. He came in close contacts with politicians, journalists, leading Indians, and could witness first-hand the machinations by world leaders, pulls and pressures at Summits and meets.

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