WHEN THE HEARTS SPEAKS: Memoirs of a Cardiologist

By Dr Upendra Kaul

The medical profession is considered to be one of the noblest as doctors are tasked with the responsibility of alleviating the sufferings of mankind. But there is very little understanding about the lives of doctors. Dr Upendra Kaul (Khan), one of India’s most accomplished cardiologists, tries to quell this curiosity in his memoir by recalling some interesting incidents from his life. The book talks about how he did not let the difficult circumstances in Kashmir, the place where he was born, deter his dreams and kept working hard to achieve his goal of serving humanity. Throughout his career, he came across several personalities. While looking at the many positive aspects of his profession, he does not shy away from talking about the changing patterns of medical ethics and the start of kickbacks seen during his professional time. The work is an eclectic mix of events and occurrences that keeps the readers hooked till the last page.

Dr Upendra Kaul, a Kashmiri cardiologist, is one of the pioneers of non-surgical procedures on heart in India. He is well known internationally for being a teacher and an academician par excellence. Dr Kaul was conferred Padma Shri and the Dr B.C. Roy Award for his contributions to Indian medicine.

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