India Beyond The Pandemic: A Sustainable Path Towards Global Quality Healthcare

By Dr Joseph M. Chalil, Ambassador Pradeep Kapur, and Professor M.D. Nalapat

WHEN THE COVID-19 pandemic struck, governments around the world were suddenly faced with many challenges. Important among them involved managing the economy while most of the workforce was quarantined, limiting the spread of the virus, creating and supporting a healthcare system that could handle the influx of patients, and strategising for necessary long-term changes.

Beyond the governments, COVID-19 changed our world profoundly, impacting supply chains, creating new ways of working remotely, and underscoring the weaknesses within healthcare systems around the globe. In India: Beyond the Pandemic, we focus on healthcare, highlighting how India successfully managed the pandemic and critical areas that need improvement.

The reality is that another pandemic, bioterrorism event, or disaster is just around the corner. Our world has shrunk, and diseases rarely stay in one part of the world. Being realistic about what we face as human beings means creating systems and processes within each country that builds stockpiles, creates disaster plans, and makes efforts to increase human capital to handle healthcare networks.

While the pandemic gave a sharp insight into the shortcomings of healthcare, many of those existed long before COVID-19. While we discuss the impact of the pandemic on every segment of life, our primary focus is on the overall improvement of healthcare worldwide. By highlighting how India is tackling this, India: Beyond the Pandemic outlines concrete steps to build a healthcare system ready for the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

DR JOSEPH M. CHALIL (MD, MBA, FACHE), a bestselling author and award-winning Global Healthcare Executive, leads numerous healthcare enterprises in the US and is the co-publisher of Universal News Network. A Fellow at the American College of Healthcare Executives, he is also an LLM candidate at the University of Edinburgh and serves as the Complex Health Systems Chair & Faculty at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Business, Florida, US.

AMBASSADOR PRADEEP K. KAPUR is an acclaimed ‘luminary diplomat’ renowned for his distinguished career collaborating with leaders and policymakers across various continents. A graduate in engineering and management from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, with distinction, Kapur was selected in the 1979 batch of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and served as a transformative Ambassador of India to Cambodia and Chile. He is passionate about rural community empowerment, national digital financial infrastructure, and geopolitics.

PROFESSOR M.D. NALAPAT is UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal University and Editorial Director of ITV Network (India) and The Sunday Guardian. He is also Senior Associate of the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru, and Associate of the United Service Institution of India, New Delhi. He won a gold medal in Economics from University of Mumbai, and writes on security, policy, and international affairs.

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Binding: Hardcover

Publication Date: April 2024